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Latest tips and tricks about android and iphone applications and also tutorials for how to make android, iphone apps. All free of charges and are written in easy to understand way.

Aurat Char Shadian Kiun Nahi Kar Sakti – Android App

I recently came across a topic that was pretty much interesting for me. It was the same topic I had found many people discussing around me in my University days. I have heard a lot of arguments about it. I never had thought about it because I was clear and simple about ...

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Top android apps for toddlers – Every Child Loves Them

Toddlers and children are fond of using apps. These android apps are built for children, and they are very interesting to fascinate your child. It provides great learning opportunities to your children and your child start learning the new things with an amazing rate. These apps are constructed by renowned ...

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2015 Top android apps for tablets

Nowadays people do like to perform their tasks on tablets. Rather than using computer or laptops, as of the reason you can have touch screen feature in the tablets, you can do everything from tablet as you can do with your PC. So why to carry a big machine with ...

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5+ PayPal Alternatives to Collect Payment In Pakistan

PayPal is one of the most highly established and oldest online payment suppliers, as it holds its huge share and a lot of contribution in the online payment industries; therefore, millions of people prefer this payment service across the world. With the passage of time, PayPal payment service has become ...

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Top android apps for Teachers – Every Teacher Needs Them

Teachers have a primary job to teach the students. They have very busy schedules; they need to take multiple lectures in a day, they always need to meet the deadlines. Such sorts of android apps are developed for them which make their life easy and convenient during the lecture preparations ...

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2015 Top Android Apps For Ladies

Well, I tell you that I have noticed that Ladies do use the following given Android apps a lot more than the other. Their interest lies in chatting, making friend, sharing status, doing research. They do like to know about fashion market, they like to share email, they used to ...

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Top Law Apps For Lawyers and Legal Practitioners

With technological advancement, doctors and the teachers have variety of apps that make the work easier and they have started to rely on them. Now where does this lead all the professional lawyers and attorneys? Well here are a list of apps that are made for just law students and ...

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Top Android Book Apps For Book Lovers

Not every person likes to read but there are some who are knee-deep addicted to books and cannot get enough of reading. Technological advancements have helped the readers ever since the establishment of e-books. Many apps are available to downloads from which the reader can download his or her favorite ...

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Top 5 Android Games That Everyone Plays – Do you?

Android games are a favorite pastime of many. Here is a list of 5+ Android games that you can never get enough of once you get started with them, enlisting the most popular, most played and highest reviewed. 1.     Angry Birds Rio This generic game of Android has more to ...

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